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Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers

Our experienced personal injury attorneys have recovered millions of dollars for our clients because we are not afraid to go to trial. Unlike some other personal injury lawyers, who immediately seek to settle a case, our attorneys have civil litigation experience against some of the largest civil defense law firms representing big insurance companies. Because our lawyers have extensive experience in litigation and in the courtroom, we are able to obtain the best settlement possible. We are also not afraid to take a case to trial if a reasonable settlement is not possible.

We pursue aggressive and effective representation of personal injury, slip and fall, dog bites, excessive force, and Section 1983 victims. We are committed to honesty, persistence, responsiveness, and personal attention. Insurance companies will do everything possible to minimize, delay or deny your claim. We have the experience to help maximize your compensation.

Contact us for any personal injury cases regarding automobile, motorcycle, boating accidents, and more.

Personal Injury Cases

While most cases settle out of court, defense attorneys and insurance companies know that we have the experience and resources to take your case all the way to trial if we need to. That reputation often results in a more favorable outcome for our clients. This sets us apart from the many trial personal injury lawyers who do not go to trial. There are never any attorney fees unless we win your case, we assume all of the risks for our clients. Request a free consultation here or call our Arizona office at 480-755-7110 for your personal injury matter.


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