When You’re Freedom is on the Line, You Need an Aggressive Attorney for Your Defense.

If you carry a firearm for self-defense, it is likely that you will never have to use it. However, there may come a time where you have to defend yourself against harm if that time ever comes. And the truth is, even the most responsible armed citizens have no idea of the legal minefield they step into the second they pull the trigger.

That’s where the Attorneys on Retainer Self-Protection Plan can help.

For as low as $25 a month, you can have our experienced and aggressive criminal defense team on retainer, 24/7/365, to fight any unwanted gun related charges. So get the peace of mind you deserve and keep the Attorneys for Freedom Law Firm in your back pocket at all times.

What You Need To Look For In Self-Defense Insurance

The whole idea behind a self-defense insurance policy is that the provider will support you in your legal fight if you are ever charged with a crime for using force in a defensive situation.

We understand that there is not one perfect self-defense insurance plan in the gun market today. Even though many policies cover several benefits like firearms training, bail bonds, scene cleanup, and lost wages, you will need to take the time to consider exactly which options will work for you if you ever find yourself in a self-defense shooting.

While these additional benefits are nice to have, one can agree that the most important part of a self-defense policy that you should pay attention to is the criminal defense coverage.

Why Understanding Your Criminal Defense Coverage is Important

If your policy can’t provide you with an experienced criminal defense attorney and does not cover you in certain acts of self-defense, then the money you spent on gun insurance may be futile.

Most self-defense insurance policies are administered by insurance companies that can offer significant amounts of financial assistance and benefits during the lifespan of a self-defense shooting. However, these insurance companies explicitly add provisions in their policy that is intended to exclude coverage for certain incidents. For example, most policies will exclude “criminal acts.” So, even if all you’ve done is threaten to use your gun to deter an attacker, and you never end up firing a shot or hurting anyone, you could still be charged with aggravated assault with a firearm. Thus, giving the insurance company the right to refuse coverage.


Common Self-Defense Policy Exclusions & Provisions:

By looking at these restrictions above, one might think that any one of those situations could very well happen to them in a self-defense situation. According to Justia, over 90% of criminal convictions result from plea bargains. Although it may be a lesser charge, you are still pleading guilty being convicted of a crime. Additionally, there are a lot of self-defense cases that arise out of domestic violence, brandishing a firearm and when alcohol is involved. So why would you want to involve yourself with an insurance company that won’t cover you even in some of the more common self-defense situations.

The Attorneys for Freedom Difference

The biggest difference between our Attorneys on Retainers Self-Protection Plan and the other self-defense policies is that our plan is administered by a REAL law firm, not some insurance company that has endless exclusions. With the Attorneys for Freedom Law Firm, you won’t ever have to worry about coverage if you are charged with a crime and used your firearm in self-defense of a domestic violence incident. As a member of the Attorneys on Retainer program, you are also a client of the firm and we will represent you as aggressively and professionally as we can…even if it arises out of a criminal offense.

The Attorneys for Freedom has been representing clients in countless cases such as murder, manslaughter, aggravated assault, and all types of gun-related cases for almost 30 years. Attorney Marc J. Victor (Owner/Founder) has been speaking to the gun community about the legal rights and responsibilities of gun owners for approximately the past 25 years.

Why the AOR Self-Protection Plan Might Work for You:


Our Restrictions & Provisions:

Questions? Comments? Need More Information?

Please feel free to email us or call us 480-455-5227.


Family plans also available upon request.

Local Self-Protection Plan (AZ & HI)
(15% Savings)

The Local Self-Protection Plan is ideal for Arizona & Hawaii residents who legally own and responsibly carry:

  • Firearms

  • Stun Guns

  • Tasers

  • Knives

  • And other Legal Weapons

Coverage in Arizona and Hawaii

100% of your attorney’s fees are covered in the event you are formally charged with a felony crime and the attorney can argue in good faith that the self-defense claim is non-frivolous

Additional criminal law matters covered at 35% off attorney hourly rate

FREE Strategy Sessions with an attorney for any qualifying legal matter

Toll free, emergency line available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

National Self-Protection Plan
(15% Savings)

The National Self-Protection Plan is ideal for responsible armed citizens in all 50 states who legally own and carry:

  • Firearms

  • Stun Guns

  • Tasers

  • Knives

  • And other Legal Weapons

Coverage in all 50 states

100% of your attorney’s fees are covered in the event you are formally charged with a felony crime and the attorney can argue in good faith that the self-defense claim is non-frivolous

Civil defense coverage available at 35% off attorney hourly rate

FREE Strategy Sessions with an attorney for any qualifying legal matter

Toll free, emergency line available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Attorney on Retainer plan and how does it work?

Instead of paying a lawyer by the hour (ranging from $350 – $650 per hour), you only pay a small monthly fee (starting at $25) and you’ll have access to the Attorneys for Freedom Law Firm as a client for legal matters such as criminal prosecution, accidents, wills, trusts and more, at a deep discounted hourly rate as low as $175 per hour. You’ll also receive FREE Strategy Sessions on any new legal matters and lower contingency fees on personal injury cases. Using the plan just once can save you literally thousands of dollars.

Does the plan cover pre-existing legal problems?

No. You must be a member of the Attorneys on Retainer program BEFORE you have a legal problem. Pre-existing legal matters are not applicable.

What is your cancellation policy and how do I cancel?

Members can cancel at any time. However, your $100 sign-up fee is non-refundable. To cancel your membership, please email aor@attorneysforfreedom.com or call 480-455-5227.

How do I speak with a lawyer in an emergency situation?

If it’s an emergency and it’s after hours, you simply call the office (Arizona: 480-755-7110 or Hawaii: 808-647-2423) and an operator will connect you to one of our attorneys to assist you.

What happens if a new legal issue comes up? Do I need to pay for a Strategy Session?

No. Strategy Sessions are FREE for all new and applicable matters.

What if my CCW is invalid at the time of a self-defense incident, will you still cover the AOR member?

YES, you are covered no matter the status of your CCW license.

What are there, if any, exclusions on the weapons that you cover in the self-defense program?

There are no exclusions for weapons in our Attorneys on Retainer program. If you claim self-defense and use any weapon, we will cover you.

What fees would an AOR member be responsible for?

The Client shall be responsible for the payment of expenses incurred on the Client’s behalf, which include, but are not limited to, the following: expert witnesses, investigators, polygraph examinations, DNA examinations, and other scientific tests, fees related to discovery and departmental reports, medical records, bail bond fees, transcripts, process servers, electronic research (Westlaw), extensive photocopies or postage, and, in the case of appeals, the appellate record, and any other expenses which in the judgment of the Attorney are necessary to your representation. However, in the event there are additional fees, the attorney is able to submit appeals to the judge to request that additional fees are covered by the court, but this is not always granted or guaranteed.

Is there a reimbursement of expenses or are they paid as incurred?

NO, monetary reimbursement pertains to insurance. Again, this opens the door for our AOR client/member to explore other insurance options with other companies.

How is a family member determined under your plans?

Each family member must have the head of household’s same address to be considered on the “family plan.”

Under the current agreement “Cooperation” a Client agrees to immediately contact Attorney in the event legal representation in any “Applicable Legal Matter is necessary.” What is the procedure to enact the AOR program in the event a self-defense situation arises?

We will ALWAYS say to call 9-1-1 FIRST.
i. Let them know there has been a shooting, stabbing, etc.
ii. Request law enforcement
iii. Request medical.
If you are unable to contact the Attorneys For Freedom, someone else is able to do so for you the get the process started on the backend.

Do you have a 24/7/365 emergency number to contact?

Yes, we have a toll-free number. Call us at (866)-303-3476 in case of an emergency.

How does Pro Hac Vice work?

a. Once Attorneys On Retainer has been contacted on a Criminal Self-Defense matter, our team will contact a practicing attorney in the state the incident has occurred.
b. OUR attorney will get admitted into that state.
c. We will be able to handle ALL legal matters until the case is closed.

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