Federal Sex Crimes

What Are Federal Sex Crimes?

A federal sex crime refers to a criminal offense related to sexual misconduct that violates federal laws. These offenses involve various forms of illegal sexual activities, often committed against another person without their consent. These crimes are typically prosecuted by federal law enforcement agencies and are subject to federal statutes and penalties.

These crimes are among the most serious crimes in all of federal law. The potential consequences of a conviction include not only incarceration in federal prison and hefty fines but also the possibility of being placed on a sexual offender registry.

These Crimes Can Include:

• Sexual exploitation of children.
• Possession of child pornography.
• Distribution of child pornography.
• Sex Trafficking.
• and more.


Federal sex crimes are sometimes more serious than sex crimes that violate state law, and the penalties associated with federal sex crime convictions are sometimes harsher than state-imposed penalties. Compared to other federal offenses, these crimes carry some of the most severe penalties with significant time in federal prison, huge fines, and sex offender registration that impact every part of a defendant’s life after being released from incarceration. If the sex crime involves a minor, the penalties are even more severe.

The most severe mandatory minimum sentences have been reserved for aggravated sexual assaults committed in federal enclaves or federal prisons, for sex offenses resulting in death, and for sex crimes committed against children by repeat offenders.

In many cases, sex crimes are charged at the state level. However, sex crimes may also fall under federal jurisdiction if the alleged criminal activity took place in a state or territory (such as a military base, federal prison, or Native American land), or if the activity crossed state or international borders. In some cases, sex crimes can be charged, prosecuted, and punished in both state and federal courts without violating the Double Jeopardy Clause.

What is a Sex Crimes Attorney?

A federal sex crimes attorney is a lawyer who is highly experienced in defending individuals who are charged with or accused of federal sex crimes. The attorneys at The Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm have successfully represented countless people charged with these types crimes. These crimes are criminal offenses that fall under the jurisdiction of the federal government rather than state or local authorities. These crimes typically involve sexual misconduct, exploitation, or abuse that violates federal laws.

A federal sex crimes attorney provides legal representation and guidance throughout the legal process, from the initial investigation to trial, if necessary. Sex crime attorneys typically have a deep understanding of the laws pertaining to sex offenses in their jurisdiction and possess knowledge of the specific legal strategies and defenses that can be employed in these cases. They work closely with specialized experts and their clients to build a strong defense, ensuring that their rights are protected and that they receive fair treatment under the law.

Our attorneys are experienced with these sensitive and complex cases that often involve significant emotional and social implications. We are highly experienced at working with experts such as psychologists and forensic computer specialists to gather evidence and develop a robust defense strategy. We also advise our clients on potential consequences and help navigate the legal system, including plea negotiations and pursuing alternative resolutions when appropriate. However, if such negotiations fail, we will be prepared to present the case to a jury.

If you have been charged with a sex crime at the federal level, you need a criminal defense attorney who has extensive experience defending federal sex crimes and understands the various issues that can arise in these cases. We will provide the best representation possible for people accused of sex crimes. To schedule a Strategy Session with an experienced sex crimes attorney, contact the Attorneys for Freedom today or call our Arizona office at 480-755-7110 or Hawai’i office at 808-647-2423.


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erc W.
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Andy and Brittany did a fantastic job! I couldn't have asked for a more caring and understanding... legal team. Everyone at the office was always a pleasure to work with. Their kindness really helped me through one of the hardest times in my life.read more
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mark W.
Rachel was excellent, explained our options and negotiated with the prosecutor, secured a result,... which on the day the judge signed off on, that was exactly what we had hoped for. The whole team communicated throughout the process. At no stage did I feel unconnected. Worried for sure, but cometh the day, cometh the lady Rachel. Would I use Rachel and the team in the future, for sure yes, but I do not expect to be in that position again. If you choose this team an confident you will not regret it.read more

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