S1: Summary

Now that you have completed the series on the 5 Ways to Screw Up Your Life as a Young Adult, you are now armed with all of Attorney Andrew Marcantel's tips and tricks as a criminal defense lawyer.

In this section, Attorney Andrew Marcantel will recap some of the major points of the series:

  • Do not talk to the police
  • If you committed a crime under the age of 18, you may be eligible for expungement
  • If you are a gun owner and you are convicted of a dangerous crime, you can never get your gun rights restored in the state of Arizona
  • Legal fees are expensive - with our Attorneys on Retainer Program, for only $25.00/month, you will always have a lawyer in your back pocket!

If you have any questions about the 5 Ways to Screw Up Your Life as a Young Adult Master Class Series, please feel free to contact Attorney Andrew Marcantel

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