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Why Choose The Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm

We realize there are many law firms competing for the privilege of representing you in your legal matter.  We know you have a difficult decision determining which law firm would best serve your interests.  We have worked hard for the past twenty-five years to distinguish our law firm from the others, and to build our reputation as aggressive advocates for our clients.  We offer honest and well-reasoned legal advice.  Visit our website,, and you will quickly get a feel for what we call our “Commitment to Excellence.”

Marc J. Victor is the Founder and President of the Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm.  During the time he served in the United States Marine Corps, he learned to despise mediocrity and to value what it meant to be absolutely committed to excellence.  At the Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm, the attorneys and staff apply those same concepts to every representation we undertake.

We take pride in thinking “outside the box” to generate creative solutions for your legal matter.  We represent people exactly the way we would want to be represented ourselves. We relate to our clients on a human level rather than just as attorney and client.  We strive to return all telephone calls and e-mails the same day they are received.  We do everything we say we are going to do; in all cases and at all times.

In short, Marc has built his solid reputation on old fashioned and well-established principles, who has tried many serious felony cases, including several first-degree murder trials. He has successfully represented thousands of clients in major felony matters in both state and federal court.  Our firm has even represented many clients in high profile and media attention matters, including one jury trial that was nationally televised live where Marc prevailed using an out of the box trial strategy.  Marc is regularly called upon by many media outlets to serve as a legal commentator in high-profile legal cases.

At our law firm, we bring a team approach to every case regardless of the practice area.  Whether it is criminal law, personal injury, civil litigation, or civil rights, every lawyer at this law firm has been carefully selected to uphold our hard-earned reputation for top-tier legal representation.  We also utilize highly experienced paralegals, investigators, and other experts on a regular basis.  In short, our unique blend of experience, talent, skills, and passion for representing clients exactly how we would want to be represented allows us to offer the very best legal advice possible.

All attorneys and paralegals at our law firm share the same commitment to excellence and 100% client satisfaction Marc has always believed in so strongly.  We would be honored if you would keep the Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm in mind for any current or future legal needs.

Why Choose The Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm

We promise you:

  • Honest, straight-forward advice;
  • Updates on the progress of your case;
  • To be accessible for consultations;
  • To promptly return phone calls;
  • Detailed explanations without legalese; and
  • An aggressive representation.


“I refuse to consent to any search whatsoever. As such, I do not consent to a search of my premises, my person, my immediate location or any vehicle or effects. I hereby exercise my rights as enumerated by the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Ninth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution and Article One of the Hawai’i Constitution. I demand to have my attorney present prior to and throughout any questioning at all. Additionally, I request to call my attorney right now for a private legal consultation."