Wheatcroft Glendale Police Abuse Case

The Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm announces represents Johnny Wheatcroft, his wife, and their minor children with respect to the incident that occurred on July 27, 2017, regarding the Glendale Police Department’s use of excessive force resulting in a violation of Mr. Wheatcroft’s civil rights.

On that date, the vehicle Mr. Wheatcroft was riding in was stopped without reasonable suspicion. Contrary to the Glendale Police officer’s statements, Mr. Wheatcroft was not legally required to produce his identification. Mr. Wheatcroft was wrongfully placed in a painful armbar and tased without justification. Mr. Wheatcroft was then illegally arrested and handcuffed. At all times, Mr. Wheatcroft was compliant and did not resist.

After being handcuffed, Mr. Wheatcroft was slammed onto the ground, kicked in the testicles, and repeatedly tased. Despite the presence of several other Glendale Police Officers, none of them acted to prevent this incident. In all, Mr. Wheatcroft was tased approximately 11 times including once in the testicles after his pants were intentionally pulled down. This all occurred in front of his young children. Mr. Wheatcroft was not in possession of any illegal drugs or any weapons.

Mr. Wheatcroft was then wrongfully charged with Aggravated Assault against the Glendale Police Officer. He was then wrongfully detained in the Maricopa County jail for approximately two months before the criminal charges against him were dismissed. Mr. Wheatcroft, his wife, and his children remain traumatized by this event.

Our law firm has filed suit in Federal District Court and the case is expected to go to trial. We are honored to seek justice on their behalf.