Trucking Accident Attorney Phoenix



Trucking Accident Attorney Phoenix

Trucking Accident Attorney Phoenix - Trucking Accident Lawyer Phoenix - Truck Accident Injury - Trucking Accidents - Trucking Injuries - Approximately half a million trucking collisions occur each year in the United States—many of these crashes end in injuries and fatalities.  Numerous federal regulations govern truck drivers and trucking companies.

Trucking Accident Attorney Phoenix

The Attorneys at Attorneys For Freedom understand Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations

We have the experience and willingness to take on the major trucking companies when their negligence injures or kills an innocent motorist.  Due to the sheer size and weight of trucks, the speed at which they travel, and their blind spots, negligent and reckless driving by truckers presents an especially dangerous hazard to other motorists on the highways and interstate.  Our trucking accident attorneys understand that truck drivers and trucking companies are required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations and each state’s driving laws to follow the rules of the road.  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSA) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) are federal safety regulations that govern local and interstate trucking operations, and these safety regulations are often critical in determining whether a semi-truck driver or company has violated its duty to the other motorists on the road and the public.

You need an attorney that has access to expert trucking consultants and safety specialists. They can help us analyze the facts and circumstances from a crash involving a semi-tractor trailer or commercial interstate trucking company.

Trucks involved in collisions are often in violation of one or more of these federal or state safety regulations.  The regulation of the trucking industry is complex, many parties may be accountable and understanding the details and specifics of the regulations during a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit requires attorneys with special experience in trucking litigation.  Our firm has access to expert trucking consultants and safety specialists who can help us analyze the facts and circumstances from a crash involving a semi-tractor trailer or other commercial interstate trucking company, to determine what laws may have been violated in causing a serious collision. If you or a family member has been hurt in a trucking accident, you can count on us. We are experienced attorneys that can hold the most powerful trucking companies accountable and fight to defend your rights.  You are entitled to expect others will be safe and follow the rules of the road, but even the most careful and skilled drivers cannot always avoid the negligent actions of others.  If you have been seriously hurt in a car crash or motor vehicle collision, you need experienced attorneys to represent you.

Our attorneys are experienced and skilled in handling trucking collisions and accidents.  We offer free consultations to injured parties and you can be sure that you will get all the necessary information with a comprehensive evaluation of your case.

 We are not afraid of the tedious, lengthy bureaucratic procedures related to truck collision claims. From the moment you hire our firm, we handle all communications with the insurance companies, medical providers, and police officers.  Put our years of experience and our skill set for dealing with insurance companies to work for you.  Our goal is to remove the stress and anxiety from your shoulders, enabling you to concentrate on taking care of your loved ones and receiving the medical care you require.

The ability to negotiate a great settlement is something that the Attorneys For Freedom is famous for.  While 98% of personal injury claims are settled before litigation, rest assured that if your case requires a trial lawyer,our attorneys have more than three decades of experience and will definitely know how to present your case to a jury.


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