Ryan Escochea

Ryan Escochea Stops Attempted Rapist But Gets Charged With Crime  – Ryan Escochea walked in on a man who was about to commit a sexual assault on a woman who was passed out on a couch. It happened after a party that had been at Ryan’s home earlier that evening. Marcus Anaya who was also at the party with his girlfriend had been making sexual advances towards another one of the party guests all evening. This continued all evening even though the woman made it clear she was not interested and to leave her alone. At one point, Marcus forced himself on her pushing her against a wall and attempted to kiss her while his own girlfriend was away. Later that even Marcus drove his girlfriend home, then returned later after the party was over. He entered the home and came upon the woman he had previously been making sexual advancements towards.




Ryan witnessed a naked man on top of an intoxicated half naked female who had earlier rejected the man’s repeated advances. When Ryan told the man to get off the non-responsive woman, the man laughed instead. When Ryan pulled him off the non-responsive woman, the man started swinging and a fist fight ensued. Ryan, who was injured in the fight, landed several punches resulting in bone fractures to the potential rapist. The woman later told prosecutors that but for Ryan’s actions, she would have been raped. Maricopa County Attorney  Bill Montgomery decided Instead of prosecuting the rapist, Ryan should be prosecuted for injuring the would-be rapist.

The Maricopa  County Prosecutors Office refused to drop the case even after the victim made a statement that Marcus had attempted to rape her.  Ryan Escochea was charged with several felonies which included mandatory prison time. The prosecutor later reduced the charges to lesser crimes, but that would still result in Ryan having a criminal record. Ryan is in school and planning on pursuing a career as an attorney. A criminal record would keep him from his dream of becoming an attorney. This is yet another example of an outrageous prosecution!

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Ryan Escochea Stops Attempted Rapist But Gets Charged With Crime