The Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm actively seeks to inspire and improve the lives of its clients, its employees and the general community. We are activists who value and intentionally promote the principles of a free society.

We are committed to excellence and exceeding the high expectations of our clients. To that end, we are dedicated to strictly observing the following fundamental principles:

• Earn and maintain a high level of trust with everyone;

• Build long-term relationships based on mutual high levels of trust;

• Seek only win/win agreements with everyone;

• Speak the truth and always offer honesty;

• Promptly admit to and apologize sincerely for any mistakes, and diligently strive to fix the problem;

• Be responsible and always act with integrity;

• Seek first to truly understand by listening with empathy;

• Creatively innovate and value “out of the box” thinking;

• Advocate zealously with the utmost professionalism; and

• Aspire to most effectively act in a manner promoting liberty for all.

Our law firm represents clients in the areas of criminal law, general civil litigation, personal injury and wrongful death law and civil rights law. We regularly represent clients in felony criminal law matters such as DUI, drugs, murder, rape, sex crimes, aggravated assault and gun-related charges.