Marijuana Possession Attorney – While there is a heated debate whether possession or use of marijuana should be legalized or not (some states have made their first moves toward legalizations of marijuana) the fact is that this is a criminal offense in the state of Arizona. In Arizona (Phoenix) offenses concerning possession or use of marijuana are quite common. A lot of people think that because of that they can avoid being punished or they can walk out of the courtroom only with a warning. This is simply not true. The authorities in Arizona are looking at these offenses like they look at any other offense – with due attention. Even possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use can lead to a minimum sentence of 4 months, a maximum sentence of two years and a fine of $750 or higher. The crimes related to drug offenses are stated in Chapter 34 and those related to marijuana in sections 13-3405 and 13-3411.

Marijuana Possession Attorney – At the law offices of Marc J. Victor, P.C. you can find experienced drug crime defense attorneys. Our Arizona Marijuana Attorneys are prepared to provide help to any person arrested for marijuana use or possession legal representation from the beginning of the case until the end. You must understand that being charged with a marijuana crime is serious and detectives and prosecutors often ask for harsher punishment especially in time when drug-related incidents happen. Furthermore, in many cases there is a thin line between accusation of possession and use and attempt to distribute marijuana and this is exactly why you need a qualified criminal defense attorney. – Marijuana Possession Attorney

Marijuana Possession Attorney – One on One debate on Marijuana with NORML AttorneyMarc. J. Victor and Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery

Marijuana Possession Attorney – Marijuana is becoming more socially acceptable and this is probably the most commonly used drug in the USA, however if you get arrested while using or possessing marijuana you risk to end up in prison and have a police record. Arizona Marijuana Attorney Marc J. Victor understands that Law enforcement officers are not tolerating marijuana use on any place in Arizona. Though Medical use of marijuana is legal in Arizona, need to have special permissions to use it. Very often these cases are in the so-called grey area and many people end being accused of possession of marijuana although they are using it for various medical conditions.


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Marijuana Possession Attorney – Marc J. Victor has been Arizona State Certified Specialist in Criminal Law for 15 years in an a fighter for freedom for ALL individuals. Media in Arizona often share law enforcement officials’ announcements about the war on drugs and usually these actions start with marijuana users. Very often, marijuana users get the harshest punishments. The ongoing debate about the benefits of marijuana use cannot leave the fact that marijuana is still considered to be a dangerous drug and its use and possession can open a criminal record and spending time in jail for those who are found by police officers. A criminal record can damage your reputation and your chances to prosper in your career.