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Complete the speaker request form and see if one of our attorneys is available.

Our attorneys will speak to your group on one of the many topics listed. The topic could be a legal topic such as “What to do when pulled over by the Police”; “4th Amendment Rights” or “What is an Assault? It could also be related to gun rights and gun safety, or a number of other topics.

We want to thank you for your interest in having one of our attorneys speak, free of charge, at an upcoming meeting or event for your organization.  Our attorneys are often asked to speak on various topics to a wide variety of audiences.  As a criminal defense attorney and freedom activist for over twenty years, Marc Victor has lots to say on many freedom related and criminal law issues.  He regularly presents to groups on topics ranging from practical to philosophical including:

1. How to deal with the police during a traffic stop;
2. The legal aspects of gun ownership and self-defense;
3. Your rights under the 4th Amendment regarding search and seizure;
4. How the criminal justice system works;
5. Arizona Criminal Law and Things Your Teenager Ought to Know;
6. Is America becoming a police state?
7. Should marijuana be legalized?
8. Does the United States Constitution protect you?
9. Why the libertarians have it right;
10. The Ins and Outs of DUI Law.

Our law firm website details some of our attorneys and their past presentations, as well as recent media attention matters.  Attorney Marc J. Victor was often asked to speak on NBC 12 News as a legal commentator for the Jodi Arias trial and other high profile matters as well as his successful representation at the trial of Elizabeth Johnson in the nationally high profile “Baby Gabriel” case. All of our attorneys are available to speak to your group as well.

In addition to the topics listed above, Marc J. Victor is generally able and willing to discuss and present on several “hot topics” of the day.  Although agreement on any matter is not guaranteed, we can guarantee a lively and thought-provoking discussion.  Indeed, Marc J. Victor strongly prefers disagreement, as it provides a more interesting and meaningful discussion.

As Marc J. Victor is a long time Certified Criminal Law Specialist, a United States Marine Corps combat veteran, and a former candidate for United States Senate, I can assure you of an interesting and professional presentation.  Marc has never been accused of being boring.

If you are interested in having Marc Victor or one of our other attorneys speak to your group, please contact Ali Becker at 480-455-5209.   Ali can assist you with scheduling one of our attorneys to appear before your group or organization. Or fill out the form below. Once we receive your request, we will contact you to let you know if one of our attorneys is available to speak. There is no charge for our attorneys to speak at your event.



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