Driving Through Monsoon Season

Highway Safety Tips

Tips to keep safe during monsoon season  provided by the Arizona Department of Transportation

monsoon season

Monsoon season in Arizona has started off with a bang. Are you prepared to weather these unpredictable storms? Follow these quick and easy tips from the Arizona Department of Transportation about the do’s and don’ts while traveling on our interstates and highways:

  1. Expect the unexpected! Make sure to have extra supplies such as drinking water, an emergency kit, and a fully charged cell phone.
  2. See a dust storm or heavy rain ahead, make sure to exit and wait for the storm to pass through the area. Get to a safe area as far off the roads as possible.
  3. Heavy dust storms bring low to zero visibility conditions, while driving through these conditions, pull your vehicle off the road as far to the right as possible.
  4. Turn off the lights, set your parking brake, and take your foot off the brake pedal. These simple steps reduce the possibility that other drivers will mistake your vehicle as the one to follow.
  5. If you a flooded wash ahead of you, don’t even think about crossing it even if the water doesn’t look deep.
  6. See a “road closed” sign, don’t drive around it.
  7. If the traffic lights are out, always treat the intersections like a four-way stop.
  8. Storm runoff can loosen boulders and rocks on slopes above highways. Stay alert in areas prone to falling rocks.

Following these simple driving tips can mean a huge difference in staying safe during monsoon season.   If you find yourself in a car accident, contact us at 480-755-7110.

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