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Attorneys for Freedom has the best of Honolulu personal injury attorneys and has earned for itself a reputation for thinking “outside the box.” With a highly skilled and experienced panel of lawyers, we connect with our clients on a human level and offer unsurpassed representation in personal injury cases.

Common kinds of personal injury cases

Personal injury law allows individuals to claim compensation from an at-fault party through the legal justice system. If you suffer harm or injuries due to the negligence or intentional act of a third party, you have a valid personal injury claim. Some of the common kinds of personal injury cases include:

  • Accident Cases – Car or vehicle accidents is the cause of most personal injury cases in America, and a careless driver or pedestrian is financially and legally responsible for compensating for the plaintiff’s injuries.
  • Slip and fall cases – This is the next common type of personal injury case, where the property owners have a legal obligation to pay for the injuries suffered by a plaintiff if the former did not exercise proper safety measures within his/her premises.
  • Medical malpractice – When you receive treatment from a health care professional, and face injuries or harm due to the poor or low medical standard of care, you can file a personal injury case against the person that treated you.

Besides these, some of the other common personal injury cases include dog bites, assault, battery, and other intentional torts. Our Honolulu personal injury attorneys have several years of experience in handling personal injury lawsuits and have helped clients recover millions of dollars in compensation.

What if I am unhappy with my personal injury lawyer’s representation?

If you are unhappy with your attorney’s legal representation, you can fire him/her and hire a new one. It is critical to hire a new lawyer at the earliest to ensure that your case does not suffer during the transition. If you believe that you can no longer trust your current lawyer or work with him/her, you must overcome your fear of confrontation and fire them at the earliest.

Remember that you can only hire a new attorney once you have fired the old one. However, you may consult with other prospective attorneys before firing your current lawyer. 

Tips for hiring the best personal injury lawyer

Be sure to look for an attorney that specializes in your particular type of case, to increase the odds of receiving a favorable case outcome. While most cases settle outside court, some can go to a trial.

To be on the safer side, hire an attorney that has plenty of trial experience. Lastly, when you sit down for consultations with lawyers, be sure to ask them about their verdict and settlement history. You want to work with an attorney that has a history of delivering large settlements to his/her clients.

Call 808-647-2423 to schedule a strategy session with one of our top Honolulu personal injury attorneys! At Attorneys for Freedom, we use the strategy session to analyze and examine how the legal system applies to your case and help you with details on what to expect at the upcoming hearings.

Honolulu Personal Injury Attorneys

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