Hawaii Appeals Attorney

Hawaii Appeals Attorney - The Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm. Unfortunately, if you need a Hawaii Appeals Attorney, that could only mean things did not go well for you in your case. But, you may still find relief by filing an appeal. The key is, finding an experienced and aggressive appeals attorney. Not all criminal defense attorneys have the experience needed to represent clients in Appellate Court.

Hawaii Appeals Attorney


Hawaii Appeals Attorney

You need an experienced criminal defense attorney who knows what issues can be brought up on appeal. You have Constitutional right to an appellate review, unless you waived your rights to an appeal. There may have been issues at your trial that an experienced appeals attorney could use to file an appeal in your case. These issues could include problems with the jury, such as jury selection, jury instructions or juror misconduct. Other things may include, evidentiary issues, prosecutorial misconduct, failure to suppress unconstitutionally obtained evidence or other erroneous judicial decisions.

If your lawyer does not know what issues to raise it could be the difference between a successful appeal or an unsuccessful appeal. The attorneys at The Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm have many years of experience in all of these areas.

There are also time limits to be aware of as well. Before any of these issues can be raised, it is important to file a timely notice of appeal, followed by a properly written and persuasive appellate brief. These issues will then require an experienced appellate attorney to argue these issues in appellate court. Our attorneys have experience in all  aspects of appellate litigation. 

It's important to note that in cases where a defendant accepted a plea deal, the right of appeal is usually waived in the plea deal the defendant accepted.  But, even in those cases, you still may seek relief in the form of what is known as a Rule 32 post-conviction relief proceeding or a federal 2255 post-conviction relief proceeding. 

The Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm has represented hundreds of clients in both state and federal appellate matters, as well as, state and federal post-conviction proceeding matters. We also have experience arguing cases before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco.

Whether you are seeking representation at the trial level or the appellate level, the lawyers at the Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm will bring the same zealous advocacy to your case. Contact the Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm to schedule a consultation to discuss the possibility of filing an appeal in your legal matter.


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