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Marc and his team have zealously defended clients against the following criminal charges.


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Criminal Law

We will help you fight your charges.

If you need to go to court, the best option for you is to hire an attorney who feels comfortable in the courtroom, who has tried cases similar to yours. This is why Marc J. Victor is one of the best options.  With over 20 years of experience, and as a Certified Specialist in Criminal Law, he has successfully defended people charged with many different types of crimes. He has represented adults, minors, professionals and people of different ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, and religious beliefs.  

With the attorneys at Marc J. Victor P.C., you can be sure your case will be analyzed in detail and that you will get a strategy tailored specially for your case. We utilize a team approach for each case, we can do our own investigation; collecting important documents, conducting interviews, carefully reviewing evidence and discussing the findings as a team when developing the best plan of action for your case. 

During the whole process, you will know what the strategy 

is and you can, of course, share your views. 

Criminal Specialist

Attorney Marc J. Victor Arizona State Bar Certified Specialist in Criminal Law

Strategy Session

What’s so different about a strategy session?

Because no two cases, and no two people, are alike, each case needs individualized attention. At my law firm, we consult with clients on a variety of legal matters; criminal, personal injury, family law, civil rights just to name a few. Each case presents its own set of unique circumstances, opportunities and challenges. There is almost no standard advice that applies to all cases. It is for these reasons that when you meet with one of the Attorneys at my law firm you get a one hour strategy session rather than a quick 15 minute consultation or case evaluation. Whenever you schedule your initial strategy session at Marc J. Victor, P.C. you get a full hour of an attorney’s time and attention to analyze your legal situation. You will be asked to bring in any documentation regarding your legal matter so the attorney can take the time to review it with you in detail.

It would be impossible for any attorney to accurately and fairly offer you a price for representation in your criminal or family law matter, or discuss possible settlement outcomes for your personal injury matter, without first sitting down with you and carefully reviewing the facts in your case and gaining a comprehensive understanding of what outcome you hope to achieve. This is why we do not offer “consultations” or “case evaluations” at my law firm. A consultation is often nothing more than a sales pitch from an attorney who is trying to convince you to hire them. Many of these consultations are only about 15-minutes long and in some instances, you might be talking to a paralegal instead of an attorney.

When you are thinking about hiring an attorney, it’s important to remember you are purchasing two things, time and judgment. It would be impossible to provide time and judgment in just the few minutes allotted in an initial consultation or case evaluation. That’s why we custom tailor our fees based on each individual client. As the old saying goes, “You get what you pay for.” 

At my law firm, we offer a 1-hour Strategy Session, not a consultation. We invest the time needed to review the facts, listen to your concerns and then come up with the best possible approach in your case. Instead of sitting through a sales pitch, you get real information you can use. At my law firm, we will not waste your time. We provide real solutions to your legal problems.