Civil Rights Intake Form for the Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm in Chandler, Arizona. This form is only to be used for civil rights matters. Please do not use this form for other legal matters. We handle only select civil rights matters, and not all matters rise to the level of a civil rights case. Civil rights cases can also be costly, time-sensitive and require a lot of staff hours to pursue.  For this reason, we are only able to manage a limited number of civil rights cases at one time.  Therefore we carefully screen all potential civil rights cases.  So, to help us in our evaluation of your claim, please fill out the form below. 

This will allow us to determine if we are able to assist you with your civil rights matters.  In order to have a civil rights claim, it must meet certain criteria, or it is not an actionable case. Therefore, the information you provide on this form will be confidential and only viewed by a member of the Attorneys For Freedom Law firm.  All information is considered attorney/client privileged information and not shared with anyone outside our law firm.

Before filling out this form, read the criteria for a civil case and the examples of cases we do not accept listed below

Civil Rights Intake Form

Civil Rights Intake Form

Criteria for a Civil Rights Case Include:

  • You must have substantial damages.
  • A government agency or representative should be responsible for your damages.
  • The incident must still be within the statute of limitations to make a claim or file a lawsuit.

If you feel you have a civil rights claim that falls within the above criteria, please fill out the civil rights intake form out and submit it.  After it is reviewed, we will contact you on the status of your claim.

There are many factors that need to be reviewed in a civil rights claim before filing a lawsuit such as; damages, who is responsible, when did the damages occur, where did the damages occur, what happened, what were the injuries, did the injured party receive medical treatment and much more.  Damages would be the amount of money or property that you feel you are rightfully owed. This is not a made up number, but an actual amount of loss you incurred.

Examples of cases we DO NOT accept:

  • Pro Bono Cases.
  • You believe that the government is spying or watching you.
  • Claims that the government has implanted you with monitoring devices.
  • You think you are being targeted by the government.
  • Any type of conspiracy theory claims.
  • The police were rude to you.
  • Employment Law matters.
  • Family Law matters.
  • Landlord/Tenant Issues.
  • Claims that are past the Statute of Limitations.

Attorneys have a duty to not file frivolous lawsuits and can be sanctioned for doing so. Therefore, our law firm only handles serious civil rights matters involving provable damages.  Civil rights cases can also be expensive to litigate, and we cannot accept all cases. Furthermore, the attorney will be the one who decides if your matter is one that we would accept and if it would be a contingency or an hourly rate basis. Please note, we also do not accept pro bono cases. We do not accept all civil rights matters nor do we handle all civil rights matters on a contingency basis. Even if you may have a civil rights claim, we may not accept it on a contingency basis. By checking the box on the submission form, you are acknowledging you have read and understand these terms.

Civil Rights Intake Form

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Civil Rights Intake Form

By filling out this form, you affirm and understand that the information you are sending is not personal or confidential and does not create an attorney-client relationship .

Civil Rights Intake Form


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