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Civil Litigation

At the Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm, our philosophy of being committed to excellence is the foundation of our success.  As a result, our civil law department is fully prepared to do whatever it takes; to make sure you receive the best possible resolution in your civil litigation matter. In addition, we think outside the box and treat every case as if it were our only case.


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We meticulously refine, modify and custom tailor our legal representation to achieve the best possible results for our clients. Our attorneys have many years of experience in litigation matters and are not afraid to take your case to trial; if circumstances require such action. Furthermore, we enjoy the courtroom. We represent you the same way we would want to be represented ourselves; aggressively, creatively and effectively. Most of all, we credit our success to our experienced legal team, hard work, and dedication to our clients.

Civil litigation matters arise out of disputes between individuals or corporations. When legal disputes disrupt your life, you need an attorney with both experience and knowledge; as well as a commitment to zealously advocate on your behalf. An experienced and compassionate attorney; who thinks outside the box, can give you the peace of mind to know they can handle your legal matter appropriately. When searching for legal representation in a civil law matter; the importance of experience, knowledge and the legal acumen of an attorney cannot be underestimated with regard to the outcome of your case. We have successfully represented clients in both personal and commercial civil litigation matters.

Civil Litigation Lawyer Phoenix


We accept representation in matters such as construction defect, business disputes, professional malpractice, breach of contract, trade secrets and intellectual property, financial and securities, business torts, consumer protection, and banking transactions and operations, as well as many others. We have represented clients at trial in both state and federal matters; within Arizona as well as in many other states. In addition, our trial experience and ability to solve problems creatively sets us apart from other Arizona law firms. This uncompromising philosophy and commitment to excellence are what we bring to the table in all our representations.

No matter which side of a lawsuit you may find yourself on; we know you need aggressive representation from an experienced attorney. Because, civil and commercial lawsuits can be long, tiresome, and expensive. We offer our clients realistic and practical legal advice during their strategy session and throughout the course of their case. This knowledge empowers our clients to be able to make the best possible decision regarding whether to; litigate their case or to settle it outside of court. So, if you are searching for experienced, aggressive and professional representation in a commercial or civil law matter; I invite you to contact my law firm and schedule a strategy session to discuss your issues with an experienced attorney with a well deserved solid reputation for excellence.