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Can You Sue a Business Or Employer Over Mask/Vaccine Mandates?

By Attorney Marc J. Victor

We have been getting a lot of people contacting our law firm with questions about mask mandates and vaccine mandates. They want to know if we will sue Walmart or some other privately owned business because of the rules they have in place. The short answer is, no. If it’s a private business, we will not bring a lawsuit that would try to force a private business to change their policies. Private businesses, just like any other private property owner, can make any rules they want.

Private Businesses
If you feel like suing a privately owned company over requiring a mask or vaccine, you could be wasting your time and money because private businesses and companies have the right to set their own guidelines and rules and you must comply if you’re in their space. So, if you want to bring a lawsuit against a private business owner we are not interested in those types of cases. We are the Attorneys for Freedom and we will always take the pro-freedom position on every issue. If you think a private business owner should be forced to change their rules simply because you disagree with their rules, you are not on the side of freedom. You are simply upset because a private business owner is doing something you do not agree with.

In addition, a private business owner can also make the rules for the employees who work for the business. So, if they say you must wear a mask or get a vaccine to work for them, well that’s the rule. You can choose to accept their rules or work somewhere else. So no, we are not going to take a position and fight for things that are on the wrong side of the freedom issue.

Government Businesses
Now, if a government owned business wants to impose mandates, we are all over that one! If you think you might have a case against a government owned business for mandates they are imposing, contact my law firm and schedule a Strategy Session. We will look into the matter and determine if you have a case or not. But be aware, these are hard cases, and they can be expensive. These types of cases are not taken on contingency, so this means you will need to pay the legal fees for a case like this. But we are happy to fight it for you if you are serious about fighting one of these government mandates cases.

If you would like to schedule a Strategy Session to discuss what is involved in suing a government entity contact the Attorneys for Freedom Law Firm or call our Arizona office at 480-755-7110 or Hawai’i office at 808-647-2423.