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Steps That Should be Taken After a Whiplash Injury

Steps That Should be Taken After a Whiplash Injury.  Today’s guest blog is by the law firm of Wells, Purcell & Kraatz. The opinions expressed by the author in this and all guest blogs are not necessarily those of  Marc J. Victor, P.C.

Steps That Should be Taken After a Whiplash Injury

Steps That Should be Taken After a Whiplash Injury

When you are victimized by a car accident, whiplash injury is the most common injury, and it should be taken with great seriousness. Unfortunately, many consider it a minor injury and avoid seeking proper treatment for it. They do not realize the extent, till the pain in their head, neck, and back becomes severe. Moreover, by the time they feel the worseness, their injuries have already aggravated and have led to complications. That is the reason why it is very important to know what should be done after a whiplash injury.

Response to a whiplash injury signifies that the person should know what they should do, both medically and legally. It is necessary to take the appropriate self-care and get the right treatment. Along with getting a financial recovery, to prevent paying all the medical bills out of their pockets. The steps that should be taken after a whiplash injury have all been addressed in detail below.

Immediate steps that should be taken after a whiplash injury, right after the accident

The most you can do is that you consider whiplash injury seriously and treat it as a medical condition which requires professional health care. More often, people do not feel any pain or mild pain right after the injury, despite the severe injuries. The reason for that are:

  1. The body releases several hormones- cortisol and adrenaline right after an injury or accident, which enables the prevention of pain. This helps a person in reacting well during an emergency situation. But, these hormones wear off eventually and when they do, the pain starts getting worse.
  2. You may experience redness, swelling, and several other symptoms on the injured area, right after the injury. Swelling is one of the protective responses of the body, but it may cause stiffness and soreness, and put pressure on the injuries.
  3. Whiplash injuries mostly involve delicate areas like the muscles and ligaments. Not getting instant treatment would just make it worse, and daily activities will irritate the injury. Something that was initially very minor can become a major and debilitating injury within a time period of several weeks.

Hence the best that you can do after an injury is to seek professional treatment right away. If you are already feeling most of the symptoms, go directly to a doctor or emergency if required. Whether the pain is mild or severe.

What legal steps should be taken after a whiplash injury?

It is recommended to consult 719 pain for free as soon as possible after the accident. Moreover, it is wise to set an appointment within a week for many reasons:

  1. The insurance companies will speed up the process and begin the investigation process for the claim immediately.
  2. Legal advice is required before the insurance company’s first offer.
  3. No legal representation? Chances are high that you will make an error and lose a lot of money.

Above that, your lawyer will help you in recovering the full amount or the money you need.