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Tahnee Gonzales Tempe Mosque Case

Tahnee Gonzales Tempe Mosque Case







June 4, 2019 – At the Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm, we often take cases for the purpose of promoting freedom. In the matter of Tahnee Gonzales and the Tempe Mosque, one of the main reasons we accepted the case was for the chance to do something positive for the community by advocating for peace. At the Attorneys For Freedom, we value both peace and freedom. Because freedom is a necessary prerequisite for peace, we routinely and actively advocate for a free society. Peace is simply not possible without a free society.

Like everyone else, we were very disturbed by Ms. Gonzales’ conduct at the Tempe Mosque. However, Ms. Gonzales quickly realized the errors in her thinking and became an advocate for peace. The case was substantially delayed as we strongly advocated for a meeting between Ms. Gonzales and the Mosque. Ms. Gonzales sought to personally apologize for her conduct. Unfortunately, that meeting never occurred. Despite the lack of a meeting with the Mosque, Ms. Gonzales remains committed to advocating for peace.

We are confident Ms. Gonzales has learned from this experience and will continue to grow and share what she has learned with others. We hope that others will also learn from this experience, that is why we feel it is important to share Ms. Gonzales’ statement to the court. Many of today’s problems could be resolved peacefully if people would seek first to understand, then to be understood. As Ms. Gonzales learned, people of different faiths are truly not that different fundamentally. Ms. Gonzales has now apologized publicly for her conduct, and she is an improved person as a result of the entire experience. We wish her all the best!


tahnee gonzales

Tahnee Gonzales Tempe Mosque Case


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