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Self Defense and Deadly Physical Force

Self Defense and Deadly Physical Force – When Are You Justified to Use It?  This video is an informal discussion between Criminal Defense Attorney Marc J. Victor and John Correia.  The discussion centers around self-defense and deadly physical force.


Self Defense and Deadly Physical Force

Attorney Marc Victor and John Correia talk about self-defense and the use of deadly physical force. Watch as Marc and John offer their perspective of a fight caught on video in this bar kerfuffle.

Marc J. Victor is an Arizona State bar certified specialist in criminal law who has been zealously representing clients in serious state and federal criminal law matters including many gun-related matters for nearly twenty-five years. He is frequently contacted as the Legal expert on Morning Shows and Radio Shows across the nation. The Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm is the only law firm endorsed by the Crossroads of the West Gun Show in Phoenix where Marc speaks regularly.

John Correia is the founder of Active Self Protection and a firearms expert who has been teaching people in all walks of life to develop the attitude, skills and plan to defend themselves and their families from harm. John travels throughout the country teaching practical self-defense, and defensive strategies, focusing especially on those who utilize firearms in their self-defense toolkit.

We would like to thank John Correia for producing this video.

To find out more about self-defense please watch the video here.

Self Defense and Deadly Physical Force

Self Defense and Deadly Physical Force

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