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Project Arizona – Attorney Marc Victor Interview

Project Arizona – Attorney Marc Victor Interview. Attorney Marc J. Victor Interviewed by Project Arizona about being a libertarian attorney. Join the discussion, freedom, weed, guns, and more.

Project Arizona – Attorney Marc Victor Interview

Mr. Victor is a partner with Project Arizona and accepts interns to work at his law firm.  Many people claim to understand the philosophy of Liberty and say, “I am for freedom.” But, are you really for freedom? Being for freedom is not as easy as most people think it is.  To many, freedom simply means waving a flag or singing songs about freedom.  Freedom is about more than just being “Patriotic” or having a view that is supported by a majority of people. Many people falsely equate terms like “Democracy” with freedom. Democracy is not synonymous with freedom, in fact, they are quite the opposite.  

The Philosophy of Freedom is about more than just supporting things you happen to agree with yourself. Being for freedom means you are willing to support other people’s right to do things you don’t do.  It means being big enough to accept the fact that other people may do things you don’t agree with. You may find these things, wrong, immoral, offensive, stupid, crazy or unhealthy, but they are otherwise peaceful.

Project Arizona: Language of Liberty Institute is an American non-governmental organization specializing in organizing Liberty English Camps – events that enable participants to practice their English skills and also learn about principles of classical liberalism.

The workshops conducted during the camps focus on problem-solving and providing practice in giving a professional, business-like presentation in English to the entire group.

LLI guides students to plan a new business, develop budgets and marketing strategies, and figure out how to raise money. The organization focuses on preparing a working blueprint for change in students’ home countries, emphasizing private, voluntary action to solve local problems such as pollution, unemployment, corruption, or poverty.

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Project Arizona – Attorney Marc Victor Interview