Vehicle Rollover Injury Liability

Vehicle Rollover Injury Liability

Vehicle Rollover Injury Liability – Injured After Vehicle Rolled Over – Do You Have A Case Against The Manufacturer? Today’s guest blog is by Attorney  Randall F. Rogers,  a personal injury lawyer  that practices in the small suburb of Marietta, outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Vehicle Rollover Injury Liability Vehicle Rollover …

Arizona State Bar Certified Criminal Law Specialist

Arizona State Bar Certified Criminal Law Specialist Marc J. Victor. Being charged with a criminal offense, normally means, the government is trying to put you in a cage. You don’t need an attorney who dabbles in criminal law; my name is Marc J. Victor, and I am the Attorney for …

Free DUI Legal Seminar

Free DUI Legal Seminar  – The Law Firm of Marc  J. Victor P.C. will be holding a free legal seminar tonight 1-04-17 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm entitled; DUI/SURVIVING A TRAFFIC STOP.   MARC J. VICTOR, P.C. 3185 S. PRICE RD. CHANDLER, AZ 85248 480-755-7110 Free DUI Legal Seminar …

Pro Tem Recusal Minute Entry

Attorney Marc J. Victor’s recusal minute entry on why he refused to hear drug cases during his short-lived career as a pro-tem judge. To read the whole story on his short-lived time as a judge see his article entitled, “My Contribution to Science,” an experiment in the life expectancy of a principled libertarian judge.

Revolutionizing How We All Think About Lawyers and Clients

Think all lawyers are the same? Read why the law firm of Marc J. Victor P.C. is different. The law firm of Marc J. Victor, P.C. is different because we think outside of the box and we think differently about our relationships with clients. We represent our clients the same way we would want to be represented ourselves. In short, we do everything we say we are going to do.

Why I Run For Office

In 2012, Attorney Marc J. Victor ran as a Libertarian for US Senate against Republican Jeff Flake and Democrat Richard Carmona. Marc J. Victor talks about why he ran for office and what his position was on the issues.

Who Do These People Represent

The elected County Attorney has a duty to uphold the law, not try to write it. However, the elected Maricopa County Attorney and former Governor of the State of Arizona have made it their mission to ignore the will of the voters and enforce the law based on their own views, rather than the will of the people. Although medical marijuana was passed in Arizona, the former Governor and Maricopa County Attorney have made it clear they would like to enforce their own agenda where medical marijuana is concerned. For that reason, Attorney Marc J. Victor asks, “Who do These People Represent?”