New Car Technologies Prevent Personal Injury Crashes

New Car Technologies Prevent Personal Injury Crashes

New Car Technologies Prevent Personal Injury Crashes –  Today’s guest blog is by  LA Jewish Lawyer. The opinions expressed by the author in this and all guest blogs are not necessarily those of  Marc J. Victor, P.C.

In the midst of the obsessive smartphone craze, automobile manufacturers and various companies alike are frantically seeking solutions to help battle the growing “epidemic” of related car crashes and their associated Personal Injury Lawsuits and monetary awards.  Our voracious appetite for the latest “hot” electronic gadgets drives most of us to the edge of insanity. This might sound harsh but, from the standpoint of a time traveler from the ’50s or even ’70s, it would be just that. Can we expect this to grow even worse?

I think not, simply because our habit to look at future shifts in a linear fashion; as it takes our predictions into the notion of helpless foresight. For example, when the hand-held calculator was first introduced, many feared we would stop using our brain to perform basic math calculations, rendering our minds useless. Children were prohibited from taking those small “beasts” into school. Calculators today? Who cares?

New Car Technologies Prevent Personal Injury Crashes

New Car Technologies Prevent Personal Injury Crashes

It is a fact that smartphones are causing some serious issues that cost lives and injure many more. Law enforcement, Doctors, and Personal Injury Lawyers can also tell you we have a serious problem on our hands. Driving on freeways and city roads seems more like pathways for the “drunken-texter” (Los Angeles is teeming with those). The light turns green, and no one is moving! Sliding from lane to lane, a sharp turn of the wheel for no apparent reason; opening big gaps between cars on the slow lane of the freeway, and the list goes on and on…  you must have seen one of those on the ride to work today.

Does all this mean we are heading to a “Mad Max-like culture” where we are all doing as we wish on the road with no regard to our fellow human’s lives? I seriously doubt that. Though it is just believable enough that it could be a good spine-chilling movie.

Let’s recap,

  1. We own a very advanced piece of equipment we are inseparable from
  2. We drive vehicles using 90-year-old technology
  3. Toddlers know how to search YouTube for their favorite cartoon.

What is wrong with that picture?

You are right, our cars are outdated, low-tech, and in need of a rapid shift into the Smart-Car era so we can at least keep up with our children.

So, the good news is we are heading that way. Although Tesla is making more headlines, the electric car industry is growing exponentially with other big players. For example, Nissan (Renault), in 2017 the first quarter of 2017, sold and shipped nearly 37,000 electric vehicles compared to the 25,000 by Tesla. General Motors announced it is ending its relationship with gasoline and diesel. By 2023 GM is going all-electric-zero emissions. India, France, Great Britain, the Netherlands, and Norway have all announced they will ban all sales of combustion engine automobiles. India, China, and more countries are to follow.

This is the first stage in the “Smart-Car” revolution era. Next, to follow are the autonomous or self-driving cars. Sooner rather than later our roads will also be filled with more autonomous cars and trucks than we ever expected. The technology is available and ready to “hit” the roads. It is only a matter of overcoming a few bureaucratic hurdles, and then, we will usher in a new paradigm shift.

How will Autonomous Cars help, is a question many ask with some undermining tone. Looking at only a few of the many advancements that Autonomous-Cars brings along with them, can help peer into some very interesting possibilities. First, is the fact that human error will be reduced to an absolute minimum. Although the car will make its own decisions and work almost perfectly, humans will have the ability to override the AI and drive as we do now. The option to drive yourself will keep the human error in effect. Second, those who choose to text, talk, video chat or take their selfies while they drive, will do so as the car is running on its autopilot. Third – and this is the biggest one I believe, our cars are now Smart-Cars equipped with Artificial Intelligence, connected and communicates with Traffic Operations Center (TOC), all nearby cars, traffic light signals and more.

Such real-time shift and changes in traffic will enable the car to set the best route to your selected destination. All of us who commute to work and home, will provide the times they want to ride, destinations and perhaps stops on the way; the details will be cultivated by TOC and help determine the best traffic scenario for the entire city and county. You don’t have to change lanes; you don’t need to stop and go, you don’t need to aggravate the driver behind you; while you text and or take your selfie while you put on makeup, shave or eat.

How about a step farther: can you imagine a day your children and/or grandchildren can live without a driver’s license or, have no reason or need to own a car?  Very soon.

The subject of this article is “Preventing Personal Injury Crashes,” for Personal Injury Lawyers, the proposed future of having a computer control how we drive cars means less personal injury cases related to cars and trucks, (not so sure about motorcycles but I may be wrong). Medical doctors are predicted to see drops in ER patients as there will be fewer car accidents injuries to treat. We will see a national and world reduction in the total loss of life and injuries resulting from human error while driving. Many factors will also come into play as our life on the road is introduced with self-driving cars or Smart-Cars. It will change our lives forever, will definitely help save lives, prevent injuries, and make our roads safer and more pleasurable to commute on. – New Car Technologies

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