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How Does Medical Malpractice Happen in Nursing Homes?

How Does Medical Malpractice Happen in Nursing Homes? Today’s guest blog is by The Percy Martinez Law Firm in Miami Florida.

Medical malpractice is a problem that has been occurring more frequently throughout the years. Medical malpractice is not only seen in hospitals but in nursing homes as well. Because the elderly people who reside in nursing homes are already so fragile, to begin with. For this reason, a  medical error for one of these residents could be deadly. The most common nursing home medical malpractice is medication errors since the vast majority of residents take some form of medication.

Medical Malpractice

The nursing home staff must complete what is known as a “med pass” in order to administer medication. Also, the nursing home staff will use a chart that describes which patient is required what medication, how much they are required to take, and how they must take it. Then the staff will go from resident to resident to provide their medication. When the medication is not given as it should be, the resident can suffer extreme harm and may have their lives put in danger.

An experienced Malpractice Attorney  understands that residents in a nursing home take medication on a daily basis; that is either treating their condition or preventing their condition from getting worse. It is hard to comprehend how something as important as the medication these residents receive is being improperly administered. The medical professional administering the medication to these residents; must do so following all the rules and guidelines so that no mistake is committed during the process.  


How Does Medical Malpractice Happen in Nursing Homes?

Typical Medication Errors in Nursing Homes


Here are some examples where medication error can take place in a nursing home:

Not providing adequate fluids:  Not providing proper fluids with the prescribed medication can cause harm to the patients.

Not providing proper food: There are also certain medications that will require a resident to either eat either before they take the medication or after they take it. The nurse must make sure that they follow the proper food requirement.

Giving expired medication: Expired medications could actually be harmful or even fatal if consumed.  

Administering it at the wrong time: Medication that is not given at the correct times can be harmful as well. The resident can either receive too much medication during a short time span or receive too little.

Not shaking or mixing the medication properly: Some medications will require being shaken or mixed. If the nurse does not mix it properly, the resident could be put at harm by either drinking too much or not enough of the medication.

For Medication Errors in Nursing Homes, We Can Help!

If a loved one has been a victim of a medication error in a nursing home, the nursing home is legally responsible for that mistake. The lawyers at Percy Martinez Law Firm are proud to serve victims of medical malpractice in nursing homes because every life matters. They want the families of these victims to feel assured that they will be well taken care of at our Miami Law Firm. We will help you receive the compensation you are entitled to by holding the nursing home responsible for their negligence.