How Will A DUI Affect Your Car Insurance?

How Will A DUI Affect Your Car Insurance?

How Will A DUI Affect Your Car Insurance?  Everyone knows getting a DUI is bad, but do you know exactly how it would affect your car insurance? Though it is best to avoid a DUI charge, it is necessary to understand the various consequences that come from a DUI/DWI charge including your ability to keep driving.

Today’s guest blog is by Attorney  Evan M. Levow of Levow DUI Law.

How Will A DUI Affect Your Car Insurance?

How Will A DUI Affect Your Car Insurance?

Insurance Rates

According to analyst Penny Gusner, if you are convicted of DUI you face at least a 30% increase in your car insurance rates, but could face as much as a 200% increase. The policies of your insurance company, as well as the specific circumstances of your case, directly affect your car insurance rate. Some insurance companies actually state that as much as three years after a DUI conviction, your car insurance rates are still likely to be approximately 63% higher than drivers without a DUI.

In some circumstances, depending on the insurance company you do business with, and your history with them, a DUI may result in them canceling your insurance policy altogether. Anytime you are searching for a new insurance company due to these circumstances, you may find it difficult, if not impossible, to get insurance coverage.

How Long Will The DUI Affect You?

You may be wondering how long your insurance company will punish you for receiving a DUI. In most cases, they will only do so for the amount of time that the DUI appears on your motor vehicle records.

A DUI can stay on your motor vehicle record for anywhere from three to seven years. By the seventh year after your DUI, the charge should no longer be increasing the rate you pay for car insurance. If after seven years your DUI is still causing you to have to pay higher insurance rates, you can try to have the record of the charge sealed or have it expunged from your records altogether. When your record is sealed, insurance companies are no longer able to legally access it. If and when this happens, you will likely be able to obtain a lower rate of car insurance.

Looking For Forgiveness

Though you will never find an insurance company that will overlook your DUI, you may be able to find a company to provide you with reasonable rates by doing some research. Searching on the Internet for companies and calling them is often the best way to find one that will still offer you affordable rates even while your DUI is still on your record.

Overlooking A DUI Charge

The majority of car insurance companies look at your motor vehicle records when you need to apply for a new policy, but even if you are staying with your current provider they may check your records once over a period of three years. However, in some cases, your DUI may not even show up on your records. This can happen if you attend a driving school following your DUI charge.

Anytime a plea bargain is made in your case, your DUI charge may be reduced and never appear on your records. This can also happen in the event that your driver’s license is suspended for a short period of time. There are times where you may have a DUI on your record but your insurance company doesn’t discover it for years. In these cases, the insurance company will most likely raise your rates when they discover it.

There is no doubt that a DUI is something to be avoided at all costs. If you find yourself with one on your record it is important to understand all the ways in which the charge will affect your car insurance. Using the right strategies you can try to minimize the damage that the increased insurance rates do to your budget.

How Will A DUI Affect Your Car Insurance?

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How Will A DUI Affect Your Car Insurance?