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At Attorneys for Freedom, we are a team of highly skilled attorneys with several years of legal experience and a successful track record. Andrew C. Marcantel is the best criminal attorney in Honolulu, and he excels at using out-of-the-box approaches to resolving contemporary criminal cases.

What can a criminal attorney do for you?

Every criminal case is uniquely challenging, and it takes an experienced lawyer to analyze the particulars of a case and deal with the many variables involved in it. Here is a list of things that a criminal attorney can do for you:

  • He/she will negotiate “deals” with prosecutors and try to reduce your charges and sentences.
  • An attorney formulates sentencing programs and tailors it as per your needs. This can help you avoid future encounters with the criminal justice system.
  • A criminal lawyer can help you manage and process feelings of fear, embarrassment, and anxiety that occur with criminal charges.
  • An attorney can provide you with a reality check on your situation and educate you on what to expect if your case goes to trial. An attorney’s knowledgeable and objective perspective can play a critical role when you try to decide if whether to accept a prosecutor’s plea bargain.
  • A criminal attorney will be a pro in legal rules, interpretations of federal and state constitutions, statutes, and trial proceedings. Their familiarity with several appellate court opinions increases your odds of getting a favorable case outcome.

Our best criminal attorney in Honolulu will exclusively invest time in your case and examine the documents, conduct legal research, and talk to witnesses. Also, Andrew is well-acquainted with customs and procedures in the local court and can help you understand the potential hidden costs of pleading guilty.

What to look for in a criminal defense attorney

Look for an attorney that specializes in criminal law and possesses several years of experience in criminal proceedings. Try to hire an attorney that has experience representing cases in the courthouse where your case is pending, as procedures can differ from one courthouse to another.

Also, hire a lawyer that is well-acquainted with D.A.’s policies and the prosecutors in a specific courtroom where your case is pending to improve the success of your case. Lastly, it is critical to hire a local attorney who personally knows the county’s police officials, local procedures, and personnel.

Does self-representation in a criminal case ever make sense?

The key to deciding if whether you need a lawyer or not, depends on the particulars of your case, and the kind of punishment you’ll face if convicted. You must hire a lawyer if you are facing charges for a violent offense or felony.

Be sure to examine and analyze both the immediate and the future implications of punishment and other collateral consequences if you get convicted, and then decide if whether you need an attorney or not. 

Reach out to one of us at Attorneys for Freedom today at 808-647-2423. Sit down for a strategy session with our best criminal attorney in Honolulu, Andrew C. Marcantel, where you can learn all about us and what to expect as a resolution for your legal matter.

Best Criminal Attorney Honolulu

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