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Would you like to have one of our attorneys speak to your group or at an event? Our attorneys can speak on a wide range of legal topics including; DUI laws, gun rights and gun safety, criminal law, auto accidents or other injury accidents,victim advocacy, civil torts, civil rights and libertarianism. To find out if one of our attorneys is available and a good fit for your group, please fill out the Attorney Speaker Request form below or contact Ashley Dunn, at 480-455-5205.  Ashley can assist you with scheduling one of our attorneys to appear before your group or organization. There is no charge for our attorneys to speak at your event.

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Attorney Speaker Request

Attorney Marc J. Victor can speak to your group on one of the many topics he routinely discusses. The topic could be a legal topic such as “What to do when pulled over by the Police”; “4th Amendment Rights” or “What is an Assault? It could also be related to gun rights and gun safety, or a number of other topics that Marc is passionate about.

Marc is often asked to speak on various topics to a wide variety of audiences.  As a criminal defense attorney and freedom activist for over twenty-five years, Marc has lots to say on many freedom related and legal issues.  He regularly presents to groups on topics ranging from practical to philosophical including:

1. How to deal with the police during a traffic stop;
2. The legal aspects of gun ownership and self-defense;
3. Your rights under the 4th Amendment regarding search and seizure;
4. How the criminal justice system works;
5. Arizona Criminal Law and Things Your Teenager Ought to Know;
6. Is America becoming a police state?
7. Should marijuana be legalized?
8. Does the United States Constitution protect you?
9. Why the libertarians have it right;
10. The Ins and Outs of DUI Law.

Mr. Victor has represented clients in more than a thousand major felony cases including first and second-degree murder, sex cases, gun cases, major drug cases, complex white collar cases, federal appeals, and other complex state and federal matters. His jury trial experience includes several murder trials including death eligible matters as well as complex sex and drug cases including both state and federal courts.  He has also successfully argued before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco.

Some of Marc’s past presentations and cases that have been covered in the media include his commentaries on NBC 12 News as a legal commentator for the Jodi Arias trial and other high profile matters as well as his successful representation of Elizabeth Johnson in the nationally covered “Baby Gabriel” case.

Marc J. Victor is generally able and willing to discuss the “hot topics” of the day.  Marc J. Victor is a long time Certified Criminal Law Specialist, a United States Marine Corps combat veteran, and a former candidate for United States Senate. We can guarantee a lively, thought provoking, professional presentation as Marc has never been accused of being boring.


Jody L. Broadduscan speak to your group about various matters, including insurance coverage and issues, minimizing risks of claims and lawsuits, dealing with administrative boards, and civil rights issues relating to law enforcement, corrections facilities, government action, and the judicial system.

Jody has spoken at various events about ways to protect businesses from potential lawsuits, methods to minimize out-of-pocket liability expenses, and means to maximize insurance coverage. She has considerable experience in handling civil rights matters. She can provide valuable information as to what amounts to constitutional deprivations, as well as the various means to address civil rights violations when dealing with law enforcement or correctional systems. In addition, as a civil litigator, Jody has invaluable insight on ways to protect you, your family, and your business, to minimize the risk of liability or exposure, and to ensure your rights are protected.

Jody’s experience includes; Arizona Civil Law Attorney – Automobile Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Dog Bites/Maulings, Burn Cases, Wrongful Death, Assaults, Dram Shop and Drunk Driving Accidents, Premises Liability, Boating Accidents, Nursing Home Negligence, Medical Malpractice, Trucking Accidents, Civil Rights, Bad Faith Insurance, Defamation/Slander, Contract Disputes, Commercial Litigation, Banking Disputes and Litigation, Professional Licensing Disputes.


Attorney Andrew C. Marcantelcan speak to your group on a variety of topics derived from his experience representing hundreds of clients in felony and misdemeanor cases, on both the state and federal levels. Andy has presented talks a variety of groups, with legal topics such as, “How to Interact with the Police”, “Things All Gun Owners Need to Know”, “Things Teenagers Need to Know About Arizona Criminal Law”, “Surviving a Traffic Stop”, “What Every Driver Needs to Know About DUI Law”, “But What If You Know They’re Guilty?” and “How Can We Fix Our Justice System?”

Andy has spoken at The Crossroads of the West gun show on the subject of firearms law.  He has spoken to numerous high school groups of teens and parents about ways young people commonly get into life-changing legal trouble, and how teenagers can avoid problems with the justice system.  Andy has hosted a monthly public seminar series at our law firm in Chandler, Arizona on a variety of legal topics ranging from DUI law to firearms law.  Andy has a background in legal philosophy and has given lectures and published papers on specific topics of Western Jurisprudence and Federal and State Constitutional Law.  Finally, Andy is an activist for freedom, and has spoken at a prominent international conference on the subjects of libertarianism, anarcho-capitalism and how to improve the American justice system.

While studying to become a lawyer, Andy coached high school debate and public speaking events, teaching teenagers how to think critically, analyze complex policy issues, and argue their points effectively.  Andy has served as a judge in numerous state and national debate competitions.  Andy is also a passionate musician, currently in three bands of varying genres, and spends just about every waking hour outside of his legal profession playing music.

Andrew’s experience includes; Criminal Defense Lawyer Arizona – Civil Rights Restoration Cases, Misdemeanor and Aggravated Driving Under the Influence, Reckless Driving, Driving on Suspended License, Possession of Marijuana and Narcotic Drugs, Manufacture of Marijuana and Narcotic Drugs for Sale, Federal Drug Trafficking, Misdemeanor and Aggravated Assault, Domestic Violence, Violation of Order of Protection, Disorderly Conduct, Gun Crimes, Probation Violations, Manslaughter, Murder, Conspiracy, Solicitation, White Collar Crimes, Fraud, Theft of Property, Theft of Identity, Burglary, Robbery, Sex Crimes, Kidnapping, Endangerment, Felony Flight, Resisting Arrest.


Attorney Howard F. Dwormancan speak to your group on Constitutional Law topics and a “never give up” perspective.  As a former Marshall-Brennan teaching Fellow, while in law school, Howard spent a semester teaching Constitutional Law to high school students (grades 9-12).  Additionally, Howard’s experience as a former Parole/Probation officer provides a unique insight from a law enforcement background. 

Howard’s “never give up” speech is motivational in nature; Howard struggled to get accepted to law school based on poor standardized test scores.  Howard’s past experiences, struggles, and challenges make for a wonderful motivational speech to any and all students who need living proof they can overcome all odds and more through hard work and self-motivation.  Howard has also spoken at various firearm stores and the Crossroads of the West Gun Show about Arizona Firearm laws.

Howard’s personality, charm, and wit, make his speeches entertaining.

Howard’s experience includes; both misdemeanor and felony criminal law matters including; Criminal Defense, Civil Rights Restoration Cases, Reckless Driving, Driving on Suspended License, Misdemeanor and Aggravated Driving Under the Influence, Possession of Marijuana and Narcotic Drugs, Misdemeanor and Aggravated Assault, Probation Violations, Domestic Violence, Violation of Order of Protection, Disorderly Conduct, Gun Crimes, Fraud, Theft of Property, Theft of Identity, Burglary, Robbery, Homicides, Kidnapping, Theft of Means of Transportation, and Injunction Against Harassment.


Attorney Speaker Request - We want to thank you for your interest in having our attorneys speak, free of charge, at any upcoming meeting or event for your organization.

Attorney Speaker Request


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