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Attorney Speaker Request – Would you like to have one of our attorneys speak to your group or at an event? Our attorneys can speak on a wide range of legal topics including; DUI laws, gun rights and gun safety, criminal law, auto accidents or other injury accidents,victim advocacy, civil torts, civil rights and libertarianism. To find out if one of our attorneys is available and a good fit for your group, please fill out the Attorney Speaker Request form below or contact Ashley Dunn, at 480-455-5205.  Ashley can assist you with scheduling one of our attorneys to appear before your group or organization. There is no charge for our attorneys to speak at your event.


Attorney Speaker Request

Attorney Marc J. Victor can speak to your group on one of the many topics he routinely discusses. The topic could be a legal topic such as “What to do when pulled over by the Police”; “4th Amendment Rights” or “What is an Assault? It could also be related to gun rights and gun safety, or a number of other topics that Marc is passionate about.

Marc is often asked to speak on various topics to a wide variety of audiences.  As a criminal defense attorney and freedom activist for over twenty-five years, Marc has lots to say on many freedom related and legal issues.  He regularly presents to groups on topics ranging from practical to philosophical including:

1. How to deal with the police during a traffic stop;
2. The legal aspects of gun ownership and self-defense;
3. Your rights under the 4th Amendment regarding search and seizure;
4. How the criminal justice system works;
5. Arizona Criminal Law and Things Your Teenager Ought to Know;
6. Is America becoming a police state?
7. Should marijuana be legalized?
8. Does the United States Constitution protect you?
9. Why the libertarians have it right;
10. The Ins and Outs of DUI Law.

Our law firm website details some of Marc’s past presentations and cases that have been covered in the media. These include his commentaries on NBC 12 News as a legal commentator for the Jodi Arias trial and other high profile matters as well as his successful representation of Elizabeth Johnson in the nationally covered “Baby Gabriel” case.

In addition to the topics listed above, Marc J. Victor is generally able and willing to discuss the “hot topics” of the day.  Marc J. Victor is a long time Certified Criminal Law Specialist, a United States Marine Corps combat veteran, and a former candidate for United States Senate. We can guarantee a lively, thought provoking, professional presentation.

Marc has never been accused of being boring.


Jody L. Broaddus is a civil law attorney with considerable experience in civil litigation matters. Jody has been a licensed civil law attorney for over 17 years. In addition to being licensed in Arizona, she was also licensed in Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. Growing up in a small town in Iowa, Jody has learned to create a human connection in a close-knit community as well as the importance of earning an honorable reputation. Jody understands that people have challenges in life, and sometimes they just need someone in their community to direct and support them.

After moving to Phoenix in 1988, she went to work as a file clerk at a notable personal injury law firm where she quickly advanced as a civil litigation paralegal. While working at the law firm, Jody’s passion for the law and helping others grew. She obtained her Associates of Arts in Criminal Justice at Eastern Arizona College, then her Bachelor of Science in Justice Studies from Arizona State University, which culminated in her receiving her Juris Doctorate from Creighton University School of Law in Omaha, Nebraska.

Jody has demonstrated success in handling many challenging and complex civil litigation matters. She has been involved in hundreds, if not thousands, of personal injury cases including catastrophic injuries and death. The most important thing for Jody when representing someone is to evaluate what is best for the clients while working to eliminate the crisis that may have been brought to the client, their family, and loved ones.

Jody’s experience includes; Arizona Civil Law Attorney – Automobile Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, Dog Bites/Maulings, Burn Cases, Wrongful Death, Assaults, Dram Shop and Drunk Driving Accidents, Premises Liability, Boating Accidents, Nursing Home Negligence, Medical Malpractice, Trucking Accidents, Civil Rights, Bad Faith Insurance, Defamation/Slander, Contract Disputes, Commercial Litigation, Banking Disputes and Litigation, Professional Licensing Disputes.


Attorney Andrew C. Marcantelis a criminal defense attorney with a passion for freedom, individual rights, and government accountability. With a background in legal philosophy and Constitutional law, Andrew excels at applying an out-of-the-box approach to contemporary criminal law issues in all of our clients’ cases. As an attorney for The Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm, Andrew avidly serves his community by defending its citizens’ rights and holding the government to the standards imposed by the state and federal Constitutions.

Andrew earned his B.A. in Philosophy from the Barrett Honors College at Arizona State University, graduating with honors and receiving seven Dean’s List Recognition’s throughout the course of the program. Andrew completed the Philosophy, Politics and Law Certification Program through the Honors College, and worked with various faculty members to serve as a student mentor in the Honors program. Throughout his undergraduate years, Andrew published several articles on the subjects of moral philosophy, ethics, and literature, receiving notable recognitions and scholarships sponsored by the University.

Upon completing his undergraduate degree, Andrew earned his Juris Doctorate from Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University, receiving a CALI Excellence for the Future Award for his achievement in the subject of Philosophy of Crime and Punishment. While in law school, Andrew worked for two years as a Certified Limited Practice Student and Legal Research Specialist at a respected Scottsdale, Arizona law firm, and gained experience on hundreds of state criminal and civil matters. Since joining The Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm, Andrew has worked on a wide variety of complex felony and misdemeanor cases, spanning from state and federal drug crimes to First Degree Murder. In assisting our clients with their criminal matters, Andrew furthers the firm’s tradition of aggressive, insightful and proficient representation in each and every case.

Andrew’s experience includes; Criminal Defense Lawyer Arizona – Civil Rights Restoration Cases, Misdemeanor and Aggravated Driving Under the Influence, Reckless Driving, Driving on Suspended License, Possession of Marijuana and Narcotic Drugs, Manufacture of Marijuana and Narcotic Drugs for Sale, Federal Drug Trafficking, Misdemeanor and Aggravated Assault, Domestic Violence, Violation of Order of Protection, Disorderly Conduct, Gun Crimes, Probation Violations, Manslaughter, Murder, Conspiracy, Solicitation, White Collar Crimes, Fraud, Theft of Property, Theft of Identity, Burglary, Robbery, Sex Crimes, Kidnapping, Endangerment, Felony Flight, Resisting Arrest.


Attorney Howard F. Dworman was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan.   In 2006, he earned his BA in Criminal Justice from Western Michigan University.  Howard enjoyed his years in college and was active in intramural ice hockey, roller hockey, and soccer.  During his studies, he was an active member of the Criminal Justice Student Association and a Teaching Assistant for a variety of criminal justice and sociology courses.  Howard proudly received a certificate of appreciation from the College of Arts and Sciences for his work as a teaching assistant.

Following graduation, Howard put forward his responsibilities as a parole and probation officer at the Michigan Department of Corrections in 2007.  After two years Howard was promoted to Court Liaison where he represented his colleagues in court, conducted pre-sentence investigations, and drafted pre-sentence reports for high profile cases. His analytical thinking complimented his job as a Court Liaison Officer.  In 2011, Howard relocated to Arizona.  He continued his profession as a probation officer with the Maricopa County Adult Probation Department and was immediately placed with an Intensive Probation Supervision team.  While supervising probationers, Howard was an active member of the GIITEM task force (Arizona gang specialty team), and an adjunct defensive driving and defensive tactics instructor.

In 2015 Howard was awarded the prestigious Danny A. Foundation Memorial Scholarship in Criminal Law. Howard graduated in 2015 earning his Juris Doctorate. He graduated near the top of his class and received several Dean’s List awards. Howard began his career as an associate attorney with a local law firm and expanded his experience working for the Arizona Attorney General’s office and the Maricopa County Public Defender’s office before joining our firm, The Attorneys For Freedom Law Firm. 

Howard’s experience includes; both misdemeanor and felony criminal law matters including; Criminal Defense, Civil Rights Restoration Cases, Reckless Driving, Driving on Suspended License, Misdemeanor and Aggravated Driving Under the Influence, Possession of Marijuana and Narcotic Drugs, Misdemeanor and Aggravated Assault, Probation Violations, Domestic Violence, Violation of Order of Protection, Disorderly Conduct, Gun Crimes, Fraud, Theft of Property, Theft of Identity, Burglary, Robbery, Homicides, Kidnapping, Theft of Means of Transportation, and Injunction Against Harassment.

Attorney Speaker Request
Speaker Request
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Attorney Speaker Request


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