Attorney Mike Parrish

Attorney Mike Parrish Criminal Defense Lawyer Hawai`i – I joined Attorneys for Freedom because its principles align with mine, and with those who wish to live pono. I believe that a free society is a society where individuals agree to live and let live. Such a society can thrive only if individuals enter into covenants among and between themselves to ensure tranquility. While most of these covenants are simple understandings of decency, charity, personal responsibility, privacy, and the like, there are also written covenants. These written covenants are our Federal and State constitutions and statutes.

Our constitutions guard against arbitrary government encroachment into our personal liberty. Our statutes guard against encroachment into our personal liberty by our fellow citizens. Together they codify our mutual promises to one another by establishing parameters for governance and making plain the consequences for individual behavior that we find offensive to our conscience and to our individual liberty.

I dedicated more than 25 years of my life enforcing our statutes within the parameters of our constitutions. That meant ensuring that every individual against whom I lodged a criminal accusation on your behalf received due process. The crime mattered not. The way I saw it, and the way I see it is that every government action that encroaches on individual liberty deserves scrutiny by the government agent responsible for initiating the action before the government unleashes its wrath upon the individual. I did so in every one of the more than seventy jury trials and countless bench trials I conducted on your behalf, as well as the hundreds of cases I resolved on your behalf without a trial.

I intend to dedicate the next twenty-five years of my life scrutinizing government conduct to ensure that clients of Attorneys for Freedom never surrender their liberty simply because the government lays its wrath at their feet. I’ve come to know the members of Attorneys for Freedom personally. I am certain that, to a person, we all strive to ensure that the government is held to the highest standards when it decides to use our covenants to take your liberty by force. I am uniquely qualified in this regard, and so then are my fellows. We will never lay down before the government, and will most certainly fight on your behalf to ensure deference to your individual liberty owing unto our covenants.

Mahalo and Aloha,
Attorney Mike Parrish

Attorney Mike Parrish


Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, Department of the Prosecuting Attorney, City and County of Honolulu, 1994-1999

Deputy Attorney General, State of Hawai’i, Department of the Attorney General, 1999-2019

Associate Attorney, Attorneys For Freedom – Hawaii, 2020.

My case evaluation, settlement, and trial experience is vast. It encompasses traffic violations, misdemeanor assaults and thefts, felony assaults, felony sexual assaults, domestic violence misdemeanors and felonies, felony thefts, manslaughter, money laundering and just about everything of import in between and thereabout.

I promise you that I will be straightforward and compassionate. I promise a comprehensive evaluation of the government’s case against you. I promise to arm you with information and guidance that will put you in the best position to decide your fate, rather than to leave your fate to the government. I am here for you, and so too are the Attorneys for Freedom, I promise.


Admitted in Hawaii, 5/27/94

Criminal Defense Lawyer Hawai`i


Juris Doctorate

Whittier College School of Law, J.D., 1993

B.A., Communications

LaSalle College, B.A., 1986