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Police Brutality Lawyers

People whose civil rights have been violated by police may be able to sue for money damages, press criminal charges, and/or file a police misconduct report. Whenever people may have had their civil rights denied by law enforcement, it is important they seek legal counsel to help them decide how best to proceed.

At The Attorneys for Freedom Law Firm, we like to say “we police the police”. We reject painting all police officers as the same. As with every profession, there are good police officers and bad ones. We support and defend good police officers while also aggressively going after the bad ones.

If you have suffered real damages as a result of police brutality, we are eager to assist you. We are not afraid to bring a legitimate claim against bad police officers or any agency of government at any level. If you believe you have a civil rights, police abuse, or police misconduct claim our attorneys are eager to assist you.

Police Brutality Cases

  • Excessive Force
  • Unlawful Police Shootings
  • Wrongful Death
  • Jail and Prison Mistreatment
  • First Amendment Violations
  • Due Process Violations

Learn about how Marc J. Victor was almost killed by an act of police brutality and why we represent people in civil rights cases.

Think you may have a civil right, police abuse or police misconduct claim?

If so, fill out our Civil Rights intake form below and we will review your matter for free and let you know if you have a claim we would accept and under what conditions. Or call our Arizona office at 480-755-7110 or Hawai’i office at 808-647-2423 to schedule a Strategy Session.


Mont B.
Mont B.
20:45 28 Jun 22
I really appreciate the teamwork culture of the firm. I worked with Caroline in the Honolulu... office. Caroline was extremely professional and went above and beyond working on short notice and working on the weekend. She worked really hard to obtain the best outcome for me. Thank you!read more
Diana V.
Diana V.
00:43 12 Jun 22
I am grateful beyond belief for the incredible team that helped me. Jody Broaddus, thank you for... everything you and your team did for me. I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart.I haven’t been able to Breath right and my life has been rough. I’m still trying to recover and I know it will take a while but because of God putting the right lawyer and team in front of it all, I now have a light at the end of the tunnel. I thank you for the kind words and dedication you put forward.Thank you and God bless youread more
Hardeep K.
Hardeep K.
16:50 27 May 22
Jason D.
Jason D.
20:29 29 Apr 22
Attorneys for freedom was a 10/10 on handling my case, i had the pleasure of speaking directly to... the attorney and staff. Everybody was professional and helped me every step of the way giving these issues that create havoc and frustration in your personal life.Rachel Moss, was exceptional in going above and beyond what was necessary to get the results we were going for and we accomplished what we sout out for. Her communication and understanding of the law and policies led us to a great victory that we fought for from the beginning.Thank you to the entire staff for everythingI do appreciate your hard work, i definately could not have got the results we achieved on my own.read more
Spiritual T.
Spiritual T.
19:01 13 Apr 22
I had a hiccup with this company and I have to say I’ve never seen a faster turn around on fixing... the issue. John Harris went above and beyond my expectations on getting this resolved and I am thankful for his fast and prompt acts and the awesome service. Thank you John.read more

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