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Police Brutality Lawyers

People whose civil rights have been violated by police may be able to sue for money damages, press criminal charges, and/or file a police misconduct report. Whenever people may have had their civil rights denied by law enforcement, it is important they seek legal counsel to help them decide how best to proceed.

At The Attorneys for Freedom Law Firm, we like to say “we police the police”. We reject painting all police officers as the same. As with every profession, there are good police officers and bad ones. We support and defend good police officers while also aggressively going after the bad ones.

If you have suffered real damages as a result of police brutality, we are eager to assist you. We are not afraid to bring a legitimate claim against bad police officers or any agency of government at any level. If you believe you have a civil rights, police abuse, or police misconduct claim our attorneys are eager to assist you.

If you are involved in a police misconduct case, contact the Attorneys for Freedom Law Firm today!

Police Brutality Cases

  • Excessive Force
  • Unlawful Police Shootings
  • Wrongful Death
  • Jail and Prison Mistreatment
  • First Amendment Violations
  • Due Process Violations

Learn about how Marc J. Victor was almost killed by an act of police brutality and why we represent people in civil rights cases.

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