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Government Liability Lawyers

Suing the government – yes, it’s true, you can sue the government. This was not always the case because the government had sovereign immunity which prevented ordinary people from “suing the king.” In 1946 the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) was passed allowing victims to sue the federal government under certain conditions.

What you should know about Suing the Government
But of course, there are rules to suing the government that you must follow if your lawsuit is to be successful. It must first be determined that a government employee was at fault while acting within their job scope at the time of the incident that caused an injury. It is also required that you file a Notice of Claim stating what happened, when it happened, and where it happened. You must file this notice within a certain period of time as specified under laws, rules, and regulations that govern the particular governmental person, entity, or agency.

Federal Tort Claim examples include:

  • Medical malpractice by a doctor at a VA hospital.
  • Slip and fall injury that happens at a post office.
  • Car accident caused by a federal agent.

State and local governmental entities – it is also possible to sue state and local government entities for personal injuries and damages resulting from their wrongful acts. However, most state and local governments have limitations as to when liability may exist. This is why it’s important to consult with an attorney when filing a claim against those entities to ensure your claim meets the proper qualifications and deadlines.

Despite these limitations, federal and state governments still pay out millions of dollars each year in compensation to victims. So, if you think you may have a valid claim, it may be worth pursuing.

At Attorneys for Freedom Law Firm, we routinely represent people in both federal and state claims. We have experience in standing up for ordinary people against the government. Fighting the government is what we do. If you have been harmed because of government negligence, call our Arizona office at 480-755-7110 or Hawai’i office at 808-647-2423 to schedule a Strategy Session.


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