A Rational Conversation on Guns in America – In the past 100 days, our country has seen an unprecedented amount violence. From Orlando to Dallas, so many innocent lives lost. Society has been left asking, what is the answer? More guns? Fewer guns? National background checks? Fewer government regulations on lawful gun owners? All these questions have left the American public at a loss on how we can move forward and prevent future loss of life.

ASU Law CLE is partnering with experts who can give us some insight on what can be done. We are having a special CLE and discussion on Guns in America.  

Firearm law expert Marc J. Victor will be providing an hour of CLE on what every attorney should know about self-defense and firearm law. After the CLE, Marc will then moderate a discussion panel focusing on; having an honest and real discussion about guns in America.

This is a rare opportunity for both CLE credit hour and public discussion; on how we as a community can prevent future loss of life.  


CLE and Community Discussion

September 15, 2016:  

111 E. Taylor St. Phoenix AZ

CLE: Room 542

Discussion: WP Carey Armstrong Great Hall 1st. Floor.

CLE starts at 5:30pm/Community Discussion starts at 7:00pm

ASU Law School

Marc J Victor

A Rational Conversation on Guns in America

Presenter: Attorney Marc J. Victor

Marc J. Victor is an    Arizona State bar certified specialist in criminal law  who has been zealously  representing clients in serious state and federal  criminal law matters for well  over twenty years.  As a long time freedom activist, Mr. Victor is regularly  invited to speak to audiences across Arizona; on a variety of issues. Issues have included ending the drug war, the rights of gun owners,  the free market, criminal justice issues; as well as a variety of other criminal law related  issues.  In addition, he has twice  debated Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery on the drug war.

Mr. Victor  has represented clients in more than a thousand major felony cases including; first and second-degree murder, sex cases, gun cases, major drug cases, complex white collar cases, federal appeals; as well as other complex state and federal matters. His jury trial experience includes several murder trials including; death eligible matters as well as complex sex and drug  cases including both state and federal courts.  He has also successfully argued  before  the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco.

In addition, Mr.  Victor has successfully  represented clients in many high-profile and media attention cases; including representing  Elizabeth Johnson in the nationally televised “Baby Gabriel” case.  To watch his winning closing argument, in that case, click here. He also represents clients in high-profile civil rights and personal injury matters.

Also, Mr. Victor  has been  quoted locally, nationally and internationally on; radio, television, in print and in person as a legal commentator and expert on many local and national  cases.  He was  an expert legal  commentator for local  NBC 12 News for the  Jodi Arias case.


A Rational Conversation on Guns in America


A Rational Conversation on Guns in America

Alan Korwin

Alan Korwin, author of six books and co-author of eight others, is a full-time freelance writer, consultant, and entrepreneur with a thirty-year track record. Alan is one of the nation’s leading Second Amendment gun-rights experts; with more than two decades of work in the field.  Korwin turned his first book, The Arizona Gun Owner’s Guide, into a self-published best-seller, now in its 26th edition.

With his wife Cheryl, he operates Bloomfield Press; which has grown into the largest publisher and distributor of gun-law books in the country. It is built around ten books he has completed on the subject (he has written 14), including; the unabridged federal guide Gun Laws of America, and a rapidly growing line of related books and DVDs.

Supreme Court Gun Cases was his 10th book and landed him on the cover of the 600,000-circulation magazine below. He was invited by the U.S. Supreme Court to attend oral argument in both D.C. v. Heller;  which led to his 11th book, The Heller Case, and McDonald v. Chicago, in which his firm Bloomfield Press was an amicus. The cases established the Second Amendment as an individual right, and applicable to the states, respectively.

Alan is widely recognized as a leading expert on America’s gun laws. In addition, Alan and has made more than 1,000 radio and TV appearances; including the national news shows. His 12th book, After You Shoot, has motivated changes in Arizona’s judicial system and bills in state legislatures that continue to percolate.


 A Rational Conversation on Guns in America

A Rational Conversation on Guns in America


Charles Heller

Charles Heller,  one of four co-founders of the Arizona Citizens Defense League, the primary self-defense civil-rights lobby in Arizona. They are responsible for the passage of Constitutional Carry here, the right to carry openly or concealed; without a permission slip from the  government. Charles has also worked on numerous other cutting-edge gun laws; that protect and expand the rights of Americans to keep and bear arms. In addition, he is a self-defense civil rights activist in Arizona. In addition, Charles is state certified to teach; the use of firearms and the laws of self-defense for the CCW permit course.

The Arizona Citizens Defense League has twice in the last 6 years been recognized as; the most successful grassroots civil rights (self-defense) activist lobby in the United States. He is also a talk show host in Tucson with three programs, the free market “Swap Shop,” “Liberty Watch,” about government remaining servant, not master, and “America Armed & Free,” about things with a muzzle or a blade.

 A Rational Conversation on Guns in America

A Rational Conversation on Guns in America



Professor Paul Bender

Professor Paul Bender teaches courses on U.S. and Arizona constitutional law. He has written extensively about constitutional law, intellectual property, and Indian law. In addition, he is co-author of the two-volume casebook/treatise, Political and Civil Rights in the United States. Professor Bender has argued more than 20 cases before the U.S. Supreme Court; as well as actively participates in constitutional litigation in federal and state courts.

Professor Bender served as Dean of the College of Law from 1984-1989; during which time he was instrumental in starting its Indian Legal Program. Prior to joining the College faculty, he was law clerk to 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Learned Hand and to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter  and spent 24 years as a faculty member at the University of Pennsylvania Law School.

Professor Bender served as Principal Deputy Solicitor General of the United States from 1993-1997. In addition, he was responsible for Supreme Court and federal appellate litigation in the areas of; civil rights, race and sex discrimination, freedom of speech and religion, and tort claims against the federal government.

Professor Bender has served as a member of the Hopi Tribe’s Court of Appeals. He is currently Chief Justice of the Fort McDowell Nation Supreme Court, and the San Carlos Apache Court of Appeals.

A Rational Conversation on Guns in America

A Rational Conversation on Guns in America

John F. Regni

General John F. Regni‘s career has encompassed a wide range of personnel, training, and command assignments. His command tours include Base Commander and 8th Combat Support Group Commander, Kunsan Air Base, South Korea; Commander, Second Air Force; and Commander, Air University. In addition, he has also served as Director of Manpower, Personnel, and Support for U.S. Pacific Command; Director of Personnel at Air Mobility Command  and Director of Military Personnel Policy at U.S. Air Force Headquarters.

He was appointed Superintendent in October 2005; only the second non-aeronautically rated officer (i.e., not a pilot or navigator) to hold the position in the Academy’s history. He has since performed admirably and returned a sense of camaraderie to the cadet wing and helped to promote morale.

General Regni passed on the position of Superintendent to Lt Gen Michael C. Gould  in June 2009  and retired from the Air Force on 1 July 2009.

A Rational Conversation on Guns in America

A Rational Conversation on Guns in America

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A Rational Conversation on Guns in America

A Rational Conversation on Guns in America

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Gun Debate


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